1. Support Fund (Operating Fund):


  1. The support fund is used for the day-to-day expenditure of the Parish (salaries, office expense, liturgical supplies, mission house expenses, etc.) The support fund is $500.00 per year per family and is collected during the Holy Mass each Sunday.


  1. Building Fund (Capital Account):


  1. The building fund is collected each Sunday during the Holy Mass. The building fund is used for mortgage payments and renovation of the cathedral.


  1. Other Collections:


  1. Holy Thursday Collection: for the diocesan seminarians.
  2. Good Friday Collection: for the Holy Land.
  3. Mission Sunday Collection: for evangelization.
  4. Parish Feast: for Parish Feast expenses.
  5. Parish Picnic: for Parish Picnic expenses.
  6. Parish Night: for Parish Night expenses.
  7. Mission Appeal: Given to Foreign Missions.
  8. Retreat Collection: for Retreat.
  9. Youth Camp Collection: for Youth Camp.
  10. Talent Night Collection: for Talent Night.
  11. Catechism Collection: for Catechism.


Payment Methods: Payments are made by cash, cheque, and pre-authorized giving (PAG)

Write the cheque in the name of: St. Alphonsa Cathedral Mississauga.


All will receive tax receipts for support fund, building fund, and  for any amount that you specify in your donation.