Fr.Sebastian Arikat


                                   Fr. Sebastian Arikat was born in Aloor, Kerala on 5th November 1945.  He did his studies in Aloor and joined the minor ofTrichur Archdiocese in the year 1963.  For studies of philosophy and theology he sent to St.Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Kottayam.  He was ordaineda priest on the 5th January 1972 in Trichur Cathedral. He was assistant parish priest in Palayur, and Trichur. Then he was appointed as the Vice Rector of St,Mary’s Minor Seminary in Trichur. He was sent to Gregorin university in Rome for higher studies. As he came back he was parish priest in Chalakudy and made the first Rector of the St.Paul Minor Seminary, Irinjalakuda. After finishing the term of 8 years, he was transferred to Spirituality Center and became in charge of Charismatic renewal, and Jesus youth. Later for 7 years he was the Spiritual Director of St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary Kottayam.  In his sabbatical he became the pastor in Morrisburg and Iroquois in the Archdiocese of Kingston for4 years.  From there he moved to Birmingham, in England and became parish priest in the English church, chaplain of the Syro Malabar Catholics and pastor of Jesus youth. In 2010 he returned to India and became the Director of BLM Retreat center and later parish priest in Vallakkunnu and Kuttikad. After spending one year in Sehion Retreat center in Attappady, he was called to Canada by Bishop Jose Kalluvelil.